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Our Mission and Vision:

Mission: The Del Mar International Composers Symposium exists to encourage the sharing of new musical ideas between composers, performers, and the community, and to present the best new concert music from around the world in the City of Del Mar.

Vision: To be a world-class destination for composers and performers to share new music with the public and with each other.

Our Organizational Structure/Steering Committee:

The Del Mar International Composers Symposium currently operates under the fiscal sponsorship of the

Del Mar Foundation. Our goal is eventually to incorporate as an independent 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation. Our steering committee currently includes the following members:

Jordan Kuspa, Director

    Doctor of Musical Arts, Yale School of Music; composer, cellist, and conductor;

    Former Executive and Development Associate, Choral Arts Initiative


Tasha Koontz

    Music Director, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Del Mar;

    General Director, The FF Collective;

    Acclaimed soprano, appearances with San Diego Opera, Chicago Symphony

Carron Martin, Program Manager

     Finance Consultant, Workday;

     Soprano section leader, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Del Mar

Our team is comprised of individuals who possess a range of expertise in music,

administration, and non-profit leadership. All are intimately familiar with the Del

Mar community, and will help to ensure that our program is both well-managed

and receptive to the needs of our participants and audience.

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