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DMICS 2022: August 1-14

With the upheaval of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all had to adapt to ever-changing realities. In particular, creative artists have faced unprecedented challenges in both making and sharing their work with the world. As a festival dedicated to illuminating the creative process, we are excited to be able again to share the work of vibrant and vital musicians and composers, and to provide a safe space to enjoy music together. DMICS 2022 will feature an expanded program featuring more composers, more esteemed performers, and more ways to witness the creative process firsthand. We are thankful to be able to contribute to the creative energy within our Del Mar community, and to learn from and inspire each other as we make music together.

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The Del Mar International Composers Symposium (DMICS) seeks to encourage the sharing of new musical ideas between composers, performers, and the community, and to bring the best new concert music from around the world to Del Mar, California.


The Del Mar International Composers Symposium (DMICS) provides composers and performers a space to collaborate on the creation and presentation of new works, while inviting the public to experience the artistic process first-hand.


DMICS is directed by Jordan Kuspa, a Del Mar native and internationally-recognized composer whose music has been praised in the New York Times as “animated and melodically opulent” and “consistently alive and inspired.” After years of experience working as a composer at music festivals around the world, including in Italy, Switzerland, and Hong Kong, Kuspa saw the potential to create a unique program that would combine the best elements of these festivals into a cultural event specifically tailored to Del Mar.

DMICS 2021 featured the music of many outstanding composers, performed by some of San Diego's finest musicians. With multiple concerts, open rehearsals, interactive forums, and fascinating musical talks, DMICS 2021 events were a safe and fun way for the public to connect with the creative process of bringing new music to life. In addition, for the first time, we invited a select group of talented student composers to join our Composition Fellows in Del Mar, in order for them to be immersed in a community and culture of artistic growth and exploration.

Our Lead Sponsor for

DMICS 2022 is the

Del Mar Foundation.

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