Composition Program

Now in its third year, the DMICS Student Composition Program will again welcome a select group of talented composition students to work alongside our Composition Faculty and Fellows and to write for our performing artists.

Program Highlights


DMICS 2021
Student Composer

More than any other musical experience that I’ve attended, DMICS cares about one thing—growth. How do we grow as musicians and composers? And how can we grow together?

“Deeply devoted to the personal growth of each composer as a craftsman, DMICS focuses on each concert or recording session as less of a “final project” and more of an opportunity for growth. How does each musician feel playing each melodic line? What changes could make the score more intuitive for the musician to interpret? How do the lines of counterpoint, melodic development, timbral balance, and rhythmic consistency impact the final sonic architecture?

“DMICS Faculty Members focus on opening each student’s mind to all the possibilities for what music can be—rather than restricting a composer to a specific genre, style, or ideology.

How do you want to grow? As an artist? As a person? More than anything, DMICS will focus on elevating you to your next level, wherever you are heading next.”


DMICS 2021
Student Composer

DMICS was a fun and inspirational way to meet musicians and composers from around the country with a wide array of experience. I’ve made many connections from my time in Del Mar–some that have given me opportunities far after I left the symposium–but perhaps more importantly, I’ve gained more allies and friends than I could have imagined. Through masterclasses, rehearsals, concerts, and walks on the beach, I’ve learned quite a lot about how to be a composer and even more about how to be my OWN composer.”

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