The Del Mar International Composers Symposium (DMICS) exists to encourage the sharing of new musical ideas between composers, performers, and the community, and to present the best new concert music from around the world in the City of Del Mar.

DMICS 2023 Season

DMICS’ fourth season will run from July 31-August 13 and features an expanded program with more fantastic composers and performers than ever before, and more ways for you to witness the creative process firsthand.

Student Composition Program

Now in its third year, the DMICS Student Composition Program will again welcome a select group of talented composition students to work alongside our Composition Faculty and Fellows and to write for our performing artists.

Past Performances

Within these archives, you will find an array of video recordings from past symposiums, each embodying a distinct year in the evolution DMICS. Whether you wish to relive an unforgettable performance or experience the magic of DMICS for the first time, prepare to be transported through the harmony of sight and sound.


DMICS 2022 Concert 1

  • Hausmann Quartet 2022

The Inception of the Fifth

  • Edmund Song 2022

Sunflower Rondo

  • Paolo Wahn 2022


  • Amelia Horney 2022

Fire Flowers

  • Jordan Kuspa 2021

My Soul Craves for the Sky

  • Polina Nazaykinskaya 2021

Winter-Spring (from Infinite Season)

  • Juri Seo 2021

In Praise of Songs that Die

  • Joseph Sowa 2021


Founded by composer Jordan Kuspa and operating as a sponsored program of the Del Mar Foundation, DMICS is quickly becoming a world-class destination for composers and performers to develop and share new music with the public and with each other.

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